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Let us take the guesswork and manual searching out of the naming process. Whether you are naming a company or product, Appellita's Brand Name Generator understands your brand and generates 100s of relevant, creative and available .com domain names based on:

  • A short description of your product or company
  • Your industry
  • Naming style choices like Elegant, Edgy, Cute, and Quirky

Appellita's Brand Name Generator uses various naming techniques to form your domain names:







Foreign Words



With the use of an extensive 100,000 word dictionary, the name search creativity is limitless. Need product names without checking for domain availability? Appellita has that option too. Everything you need to choose a name, validate and track your names are right at your fingertips.

Appellita Name Ideation Lab
Appellita Name Ideation Lab

Name Ideation Lab

Take control of the naming process

Appellita’s Name Ideation Lab is a powerful brainstorming tool that makes it easy to create your ideal brand name. And if you already have a keyword in mind, the Name Ideation Lab comes with many controls and name formations that will help you style the name.

Name Formations:

End Rhymes

Beginning Rhymes



In Words

In Meaning

Related Words

Trendy Affixes



Free Naming Tools

Name Deconstructor

Wonder what your brand name means in other languages? Or if it contains an offensive term? Use the Name Deconstructor to reverse engineer your brand name, presenting all the hidden words with their meanings and origin from over 80 languages.

Name Suggestion Engine

This free tool is the lite version of the Name Ideation Lab. Try it out!

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